Well then... Stock AMD CPU Cooler Died, YAY!

Won't be using Charlotte until next month when i can afford a new CPU cooler... Ugh... FML.

Get a hyper 212 evo cheap so you can be up and running soon

Can't you just purchase a new 80mm fan or what ever fan size the stock cooler uses? Unless you broke the mounting bracket or your heat sink exploded I don't see how its broken.

Or ask your friend to blow constantly at heatsink (very hard) - borrow fan...

It's just the fan, But sadly i do not have ANY money or another fan lying around. Im just going to wait until next month to get a nicer cooler because my temps are too high anyways.

your pc will be down for a whole month because of a little fan!?!?!?!

i couldnt survive at the poverty level.


A hyper 212 evo would probably help your temps greatly. The stock AMD cooler is really bad (or so I've heard, I've never used it, I have a Hyper 212 Evo.)

You could try using a case fan on the stock heatsink?

How did you get it to die? my FX8350 stock cooler run´s for a year now without problems.  somethimes it does even reach speeds arround 6500 rpm. insane. It sounds terrible, but the cooling perfomance is not bad.

6500rpm? i'd hit my computer with a hammer if i had a 80mm fan spining that fast sounding like a hair dryer inside it lol.

just zip tie a case fan to your heatsink untill you get a new cooler.

Its the stock FX-8350 cooler? If you are in the US, I will take off my fan and send it to you if all you need is a fan or the whole cooler. I don't use it and have a backup.