Well the teksyndicate goldeneye source server is not responding

I got to play for about five minutes then get stuck running in place then get kicked and the server is no longer responding. This sucks

Ain't that a bloody nuisance! I managed a round and a half before it died. Hopefully will be back again soon.

I'm getting a response if I ping it....interesting.  Just realized the time too, was cooking an epic meal for my parents.

Same here. My stream is depending on me. ;_;

Yeah, the server isn't even showing up. I just figured I'd take a quick shower before I started playing. I try to find the server about a half an hour after the event was supposed to have started, and there is no server.

Curse my slow internet downloading the mod so slow I want to play

I'm getting map file mismatch error on ge_casino, anybody have 4.2.1 version that map, so I don't have to DL the whole friggin mod?