Well, I just tried some Soykaf

It wasn't Wiz, but it wasn't bad, it tasted like a nutty water.

I got some edamame soybeans, put them in a drying pan, grounded them and put it in a K-Cup.

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wait it exists? though it was just some shadowrun thing....good to know should try it one time just for the fun.

Well, it was Dekaf.

Here's what it looks like:

It's weird i always though it black or something.

Well, I used Edamame. Your mileage may vary.

I didn't buy soy, I just found Edamame laying around and I was like "This is a type of soy, so why not?". Edamame kinda tastes like peanuts, so if you use soybeans, I think it might be better.

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Perhaps I'm uninformed but why is this in the tabletop gaming category?

Soykaf is a Drink in the Shadowrun Universe.


I gonna give it a try. ty for the video share.

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