Welcome to the Cockpit

Hello everyone and welcome to the Cockpit, where you’ll be able to automatically download videos from floatplane.


Name: Cockpit
Tech Stack: NodeJS, Express, MySQL, Docker
GitHub - Repo
GitHub - Board

What will I be building?
I will be building a server-side render application that will allow a user who has a valid floatplane subscription, to automatically download videos based on a schedule set by the user (I will have a look at floatplane WebSocket as this would be a far better way of checking for new videos).

What is the purpose of building this?
I mainly wanted to build this so I could automatically download videos to my NAS server, where plex could pickup the videos, this would allow me to have all of my media in one place. This will definitely be a docker container and it will work with unraid.

I will try and post frequent updates here, if you want to be the most up-to-date see the GitHub - Board.


Update #1

  • Added login page
  • Implemented authentication logic for Floatplane

I’ve been thinking of future developments for this project, for example, integrating with YouTube and other platforms. I will try and build this project in such a way that will allow other video platforms to be integrated.

There’s a lot to get done, I am off of work for half of December so I am hoping that I can get a large portion of the project done.

If anyone has suggestions for features please let me know.

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Update #2

  • Completed backend authentication (with 2fa)
  • Working on the automatic downloader (should be able to pause and resume downloads)

Update #3

I will not be able to complete this project in time for Devember, but I will still continue to work on this project as I actually use Cockpit for my unraid server. There is still a lot of refactoring on the backend I have to do and fine-tuning, once I am happy with the backend I will begin to work on the frontend.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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