Weird unallocated space on disk will not extend nor format(greyed out)

on windows, in disk manager i am trying to extend my partition but the unallocated space is greyed out.


Secondly i just got a new toshiba 3tb to match the capacity of a previous disk for redundancy, what fs should i use? i am also using linux, because i trust it more because of its more modern fs choices(and in the future moving the disks into a server).
and how should i go about transfering my data...
got a lot of gopro footage from vacation and skateboarding... some movies music and steam gmes...

bring in the ruckus

oh and this is what i see on the active partition (should have posted first)

windows disk tools suck balls.

use GPARTED live boot and be careful.

As for backing up software. I like to do it manually for things like videos that don't need a backup more than every few months.

Offsite backup is the best option as it protects you against lightning, power surges, theft, flooding, and fires!

I too have a lot of home videos and twice a year I copy what i have onto an external hdd that I keep at another location.

yeah, i have a lot of shuffleing around to do, the 2tb drive is full and i have another 3tb drive with less than half a terabyte used.

tried gparted but extending partition failed... currently on windows, data on partition is fine

You shouldn't need an "extended" partition.

do i? its a 3tb drive partitioned at 2048GBs with 740 left alone and abandoned
he wants to marry his left partition

who cares its ntfs just let him die
the tale of two partitions

D: is 2048mb which is the the limit of the MBR partition table which means the rest of the drive is inaccessible. if you have a uefi motherboard then you can use the GPT partition table.

You technically can convert MBR to GPT but i have not tried it so i cannot recommend it.

I would recommend GPARTED to convert from MBR to GPT. MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP YOUR DATA. it will wipe the drive and apply the GPT partition table

ooh boy days worth of confusing file transfers... pray i dont get lost

@Dje4321 will do gpt...

there is a way to convert without a diskwipe but never tried it on a production system.

what fs should i use besides the partition table

for windows NTFS with a minimum of a 1k cluster size for 2-4TB drives.

i would reccomend a 4k cluster size if it is for mixed media.

this is an MBR disk which only supports at most 2TB hard drive. the space beyond 2TB unusable on MBR disk. To use more than 2TB space, you have to use GPT partition style. since it is not system disk, you can use free software like AOMEI Partition Assistant to convert this disk to GPT without data loss.

yea looks like a 3TB drive with a 2TB file limit size.