Weird shit happening

For reason right now all of the games I am trying to play are running A LOT worse than they should be. Can anyone tell me what is going on or what might possibly be going on right now?

And before you ask, my temperatures are perfectly fine.

To explain more just in case I have to, I run Left 4 Dead 2 max settings no problem, now it's sluggish. I play Skyrim on higher settings and it always stayed at 60 fps, but now it's sluggish. Planetside 2 is now sluggish, Team Fortress, DOTA 2, etc.

No info on specs? Are you running anything else in the background during those games? Are drivers updated? By worse/sluggish, what do you mean - frame drops, stuttering?

have you tried turning it off and turning i back on again ?

Check your temperatures while stressing your system with something like Prime95 (CPU) or Furmark (GPU). Keep a look at the clock speeds of both while doing this with CPU-Z and GPU-Z. How high are the temps rising? Are the clock speeds lower than expected (compare with the specs of your CPU/GPU)?

are you sure it's plugged in? lol =)

Nevermind, disregard this post, I just rebooted it and it's fine now...