Weird Embedding

I think something broke with the last update and now YT videos embed funny.

The player is stretched to take the whole body space of the post section and the thumbnail is aligned in the top left.


@SgtAwesomesauce I have a fix for this.

//YouTube Embed Fix
.lazyYT-container {
    height: 0 !important;
    width: 690px !important;
    padding-bottom: 32% !important;

//Uploaded video embed
.video-container {
    height: 0 !important;
    width: 100% !important;
    padding-bottom: 40% !important;

This goes under desktop only CSS.

The uploaded video container css probably needs tuning for the width of the default l1 theme. That value is for the width on pixelspace.


Thanks! I’ll throw it in when I get to my desktop.

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Update: Just applied the fix. Let me know if anyone experiences any oddities.

Hmmm, actually…

the plot thickens:

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Messed up. This is a playlist and they seem to work fine.

I think it’s fixed

Hmmmm what’s your screen res? I’m on 1080p

For this reason, I dislike hardcoded pixel sizes.

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Is it?

Seems to works on my machine™


Give me some info about your browser/window setup here. Chrome/FF/Edgyboi?

What resolution are you running?

Monitor res: 2560x1440

Vivaldi, 2560x1080

Side pane open (borked):

Side pane closed (loads of empty void):

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Ok I think I see what’s going on. I’ll have to figure it out when I get to my house tho. Programming at the beach today.

I tried percentages before but it’s rough when themes vary in width.

There may be a better solution to this. That’s just what I came up with.