Wegame fraps killer

A post about Wegame has all ready been posted but I couldnt find it.

I decided to try it and all I can say is bye bye fraps. With the settings on to record at 30fps crysis is still very playable and im using a XFX 9600gt xxx alpha dog on high with 2xaa. I made a video to show the quality, watch it in HD.


Hmm, might check it out..

I wouldnt call it a Fraps killer when it crashes at launch, and couldnt find sound on installation...

mine never crashed but i had to choose the sound option

i downloaded it but havent installed it yet hope its good better than fraps/gamecam

Whats the File size of an average 720p file? 2-3 mins?

Yikes.. Video quality is god damn awful...

And, if i try to go to the folder with the video, it crashes Explorer on me :| what a fail program.. definitely NOT a Fraps killer.

for the quality u need to make sure you have the hd feature on in the settings and for the file crash thing thats not happening to me

potentially a fraps killers, wants it works right. otherwise FRAPS ftw!

I did have the quality to HD.. it was nowhere near as good looking as fraps.. file size is 1/10th of the size as well.

It's like its the Alpha version of the software.

I used to use wegame, but it has problems and sometimes the sound is soooo out of sync and I downloaded the codec it told me to and after that my videos were black and green. The wegame faq says download the codec and thats what I did and still no outcome. BTW I use the full version of fraps and I have a problem where it records until the file is 3.90gb then it keeps recording, but into another file and when it records 3.90gb into that file then it will start recording in another file. I know I can just string together the videos, but I find it hard to tell the sequence. If someone can help it would be good.

it does that in case you have I believe a FAT32 hard drive config where it can't save files over 4gigs. Fraps or Premiere or my converter always puts a crackling noise half way through all my vids :(

Apparently this Wegame shit compresses the video or does something wacky, unlike Fraps, which tells the GPU to render an extra uncompressed frame (Just how you see it onscreen) to the .avi file, which is why they are so goddamned big, and so goddamned delicious in quality. No replacement unless it can record uncompressed without as many problems as it has now.

Fraps=Intensive, God Tier recording

Wegame=Poor quality, hit or miss install, Shoddy

just tried and its eh no fraps killer here move along people


It's over, Fraps is finished.

its alright but its free so yeah :)

If free matters THAT much to you, then pirate.

:0 i aint a pirate

how did you get it onto youtube?