Weekly video series documenting my time as a Software Development Intern

Week 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkOfiO1oIt8

Basically i'm wanting to provide a real representation of what my time as a software dev intern is like. What technologies I used, what I found useful, what resources I used and so on.

The aim of which is to provide prospective interns with an insight as to what industry is actually like, and how they can gear their learning to better take advantage of an internship.

The company i'm working for is called Healthlink. The provide and facilitate messaging software for GP's and health specilaists.

Hope y'all enjoy

sounds like you're doing good. nice vlog.

regarding taking time to become an expert:

a) it doesn't suck, it's awesome to learn stuff! if you turn out to be good at this job,you'll learn stuff forever!
b) "maybe a year" hahah, lol

Our head of delivery just left and our project got axed on Friday. We start a new project on Monday with a new Product owner.... interesting times but the new project will involve developing a new api and lots of database stuff so i'm happy.

Hahaha I know. It's a love hate thing I guess.

Maybe a year was a bit optimistic..