Website and Email Hosting

Hi all,

I bought a domain about a year ago from GoDaddy that is

I am currently building a personal website for friends and family so we can keep up with out having to use Facebook or any other such service. I would like to know who you would recommend to host my sight and email accounts. I will be using them for business and personal communications and would like them to work well with my iPhone. 


To you all I wish nothing but the best,

I'm guessing your in the US. Why not host yourself? Get Exchange for email and IIS for website. 

This is more than often over most peoples heads though. I would then suggest you Google a hosting company that is local enough for you, and give them a call. BlackNight aren't a bad choice

Set up Wordpress. That will allow you guys to create a site with members, post pics, videos, and most of the themes work great on iOS and Android. the trickiest part is setting up the MySQL database, but youll figure it out.