Webdev for noobs

Hey guys,
Hope everyone is doing great today, I been working on my project .
i been using all day bootstrap to do all the heavy lifting for the styling on my site , kinda getting bored doing so much codding all the time do you guys know of any GUI tools , that work on linux? i guess i could use ChatGPT but its not perfect (i want perfect).

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

That is a tall order right there…

I’ve heard about Pinegrow but it’s not free if that matters to you (but you get 30 days trial).
Most if not all of those tools basically have the same business model - they either sell premade blocks that you drag in and customize a bit or a monthly subscription. Or both.

Little more details about your project might help.

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Oh nice pinegrow looks great , i can visually build “simple” things then look at the under lying code and change it if needed (awesome). The project is top secrete even i dont know what it is yet :wink:

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