Web Proxy(Glype) with javascript

I'm trying to find a proxy (that I can host with Apache), that i can connect to through my web browser. My school recently banned Google Docs, because certain individuals "hacked" the school system through it..... (most likely they were just distributing porn through Google drive/gmail -.-). Anyways the school banned it, and I need to find a way around it. I've tried Glype, and I've been having issues with it. There are alot of errors with the java script and the server doesn't load correctly. Does anyone know any good web proxies I can use for google docs?

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you could try a vpn.

yeah, but thats a pain in the ass to set up every time i want to bypass the internet. the point of the web proxy is so i can get past everything, convienently.

There are loads of browser proxy plugins available, or you could just talk to your school's system admin and explain your situation cause no doubt in time you'll be caught and get in the shit.

Here is a crappy web proxy tunnel service, http://surftunnel.com/ - beware though if what you do through it though.

Also another crappy web based proxy is proxfree - as someone who's had to bypass school blocks for various reasons that's a fairly good one.

Also check out cyberghost, hidemyass, and filterbypass. They all work fairly well too.

If you have a linux machine that you can SSH into you could put putty on a flashdrive and make a preset to tunnel with it then change your proxy settings in firefox to localhost (port you have set to tunnel)

SSH tunnels only support TCP though so, it won't work for everything.