Web managed 2.5GB quiet / low power switches with 10G ports?

Does anyone have any recommendation for cheap/affordable used switches that can give me 2.5GB networking (at least 5 ports) and maybe some future proofing 10GB ports with web-management under $250?

This switch would be going in my living room so ideally its fanless or quiet.

I’ll give you something to not get, and that’s the Cisco SX350X-24F

I have one and its fantastic for 10G, however it does not support 2.5G or 5G despite the documentation really hinting that it does. I only have one 2.5G client, so it wasn’t hard to throw a 10G NIC in there, but I was kind of annoyed


I think you are going to struggle to hit the sub-$250 mark for a managed switch with that feature set.

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It has 4x1GB, 2x2.5GB, 2x5GB, 1x10GB, 1xSPF+(10GB). $279

I have the POE version, but that’s more like $350.


wow this is a very interesting switch; thanks for highlighting it I am going to keep an eye on prices and maybe get one - the only downside is not all ports are 2.5g

The other switches I was considering (used on ebay):
QSW-M2108-2S ($399 new)

The engenius also looks interesting