Web Hosting

If I am a small company. What web hosting service would you suggest?
I have seen GoDaddy, Inmotion, Ipage and some others.
I would like to create apps as well.

What web hosting service would you use and why? 

How much control over the server do you want to have?  If you are just hosting a website then it really depends on what services a hosting company offers.  You can pay for an unmanaged server, I believe that is ethe term for it, you would install all of the application that you need like apache, postgres or other application.  If you go the unmanaged server route, the hosting company usually doesn't offer support for that server unless there is a hardware problem.


I personally use 1and1.  They have a pretty reasonable price and if you need to do email they offer almost unlimited email accounts.


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For a small company I would suggest to choose a cheap option with a good reputation, stuff you can easily find with Google. I think the best option for you is asking the guy/company who will create your website, because they will know a good web space provider, or are able to provide it themselves.

Now  a days  lot of companies are offering web hosting service. But i have hosted my sites from this site 9cubehosting.com . I've been using their service for past 1 year. They are providing good customer support and quality service based on linux os platform. So i have chosen that

I would give Digital Ocean a go. I am considering them for a web project in the coming weeks. They seem to do a good service and the control panel is very good.

Here is a link, It is preloaded with a Coder Radio referral(I found out about Digital ocean from the guys at Jupiter broadcasting and it would be good support them)