Web host questions

Hey guys,

Last few days have looked into hosting my own web server from my home, but need a back up plan if i cant get it to work.

So what are some good places to host a website from. I have used XAMPP a decent amount on windows and know how to use it. Have little experience with other platforms. I can't use wordpress or anything like that just HTML CSS and stuff I type, can not use a builder or anything like that. I tried 1&1 couldn't get anything to work, seemed like they only really care about wordpress. Any suggestions?

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Hey mate,

I would suggest something along the lines of Linode, that way you can start small and basically do whatever you like.

Though until you get a solid idea of what you want to do, I don't think it is worth hosting something externally.

Alright, I will look into it. I think I have the home web server working now tho.

Digital Ocean droplets are hella easy to get started with.

Second on Digital Ocean.

Alright, have like 50$ of credit form github student package. What dropplet should i pick for a just a few months project with logins basic stuff

ubuntu server is a good place to start.

Enterprise folks use Centos/RHEL.

I used RamNode a few times before. You can get a ssd based vps for less than 7 bucks that will handle pretty much anything you need for a small personal site. https://www.ramnode.com/vps.php