Web Frameworks Pros & Cons

Hello I had a few questions regarding web frame works and in particular Django and python. I am familiar with Python and recently was interested in some web development projects. I was wondering how efficient Python and Django is for use in web app and would I be better using different frameworks or php? Thanks in advance I hope to hear from you soon.

They're big, reddit is based off of python on the Pyramid framework. http://www.pylonsproject.org/

Python frameworks can be used for small and big projects. Django is really good from my understanding and you can't really go wrong with it. If you know python then keep moving on with that. I'd say give it a shot.

Thanks man,

I can only agree with that. If you already know some python there's no need to learn something new just because someone else says it's better. Django is quite well known and perhaps the biggest one for the python language, but I'm just guessing here.

In case you just want to try out web development with a framework, you could browse around and find a really simple/lightweight one. I don't know how steep the learning curve for Django is.

I recently got started using Flask, a python framework...it's pretty cool but I've struggled a little with the various extensions. Flask is probably meant for people who know more about what they are doing, so in hindsight I think Django may have been a better approach. This guy here has a great tutorial, and you can get his video on O'Reilly for pretty cheap if you google for a discount code. His videos go over deploying via Heroku or a Linux server.

On the php question, I did a ton of research and ended up intentionally moving away from using it. Even though it is popular, some consider it to be a security risk and Jeff Atwood calls php "server herpes" (shameless appeal to authority).

I'm not a big fan of PHP either. We had a course in school where we had to learn it, but i've never used it since. It just feels so messy to work with. Up until now, I've liked ruby on rails much better.

But again, no need to learn ruby (or smth else), I'm sure all the python stuff around is quite good too.