Wearing out DVI pins

So, I have a monitor that gets ungluged and plugged back in around two or three times a day, is it possible to where out the metal coating on the DVI pins, and the plug not work any more??

  1. Why are you unplugging so often? 
  2. Is this a laptop you are plugging into?
  3. How long have you been doing this?

Short answer ... Yes it is possible to wear out I/O plugs with excessive use ... however it is rare. Try a new cable and see if this helps. And be careful when plugging in (make certain you are pushing straight and not at an angle)  and pull straight out (not at an angle) Female plugs can be wobbled out (enlarged holes) if you are pushing at an angle.


1. Changing monitor between main gaming Pc and another computer (Im poor, don't really want to buy another screen right now, and there not really enough room on my desk) 

2. No

3. around two mounths now

It all currently is all working fine, I just wanted to see if there was a potential to do damage, 

Is there any way to have the dvi pluged in and a Hdmi at the same time at switch between the two computers, (in the monitor settings maybe or a some third party software) I have messed around with it and cant find anything like that


Oh and Im just swapping DVI at the back of the monitor, (not excessively unplugging from the GPU)

Does the monitor not have channels? You can't switch between the DVI input and the HDMI input? Maybe an option on the monitors menu called input select?