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We are not as think as your drunk we are #level1news | Level One Techs


This is free baseball.

0:00 - 2:45 Drinking Nonsense 3:00 Phone repair shop employees accused of stealing nude photos – Naked Security 5:00 Microsoft announces Windows Sandbox, a desktop environment for running applications in isolation 7:00 Hackers swipe card numbers from local government payment portals | ZDNet 7:55 Amazon error allowed Alexa user to eavesdrop on another home | Reuters 9:00 Two Android apps used in combat by US troops contained severe vulnerabilities | ZDNet 10:30 Microsoft Releases Out-of-Band Security Update for Internet Explorer RCE Zero-Day 11:00 - 13:18 Drinking Nonsense 13:18 Fortnite teen hackers 'earning thousands of pounds a week' - BBC News 15:50 Four months after its debut, sneaky Mac malware went undetected by AV providers | Ars Technica 18:00 'Finding Dory' aquarium sorry for insensitive tweet about Abby the large otter | US news | The Guardian 19:30 Facebook collects user data from apps like Tinder, OKCupid and others 24:11 Twitter plunges on Citron report calling it 'toxic' and 'uninvestable' - BNN Bloomberg 26:30 Mark Zuckerberg could be 2018's biggest loser — he's already down nearly $20 billion 29:00 Facebook disbands secretive research lab amid reorganization 31:00 Instagram tightens eating disorder filters after BBC investigation - BBC News 33:00 Turning Off Facebook Location Services Doesn't Stop Tracking 35:00 Twitter is relaunching the reverse-chronological feed as an option for all users starting today - The Verge 38:14 Facebook Allowed Netflix, Spotify, And A Bank To Read And Delete Users’ Private Messages 40:00 As A Final Fuck You To Free Speech On Tumblr, Verizon Blocked Archivists | Techdirt 42:00 D.C. attorney general sues Facebook over alleged privacy violations from Cambridge Analytica scandal 43:20 WhatsApp has an encrypted child porn problem | TechCrunch 45:40 Facebook Is Developing a Cryptocurrency for WhatsApp Transfers, Sources Say 47:10 Chinese university wants students to scan QR codes to shower 49:00 ? Night terrors? 51:00 World of Reel: Zimbabwean Activists: Disney's “Hakuna Matata” Trademark is An “Assault on Swahili People" 53:00 Video: SNES Classic Runs PSone Games Better Than The PlayStation Classic - Nintendo Life 57:00 PooPrints brings in millions testing dog poop DNA to snag non-scoopers 59:00 Bing recommends piracy tutorial when searching for Office 2019 | ZDNet 1:00:00 YouTuber admits aspects of viral HomePod glitter bomb video were faked 1:02:30 No more dodgy women drivers as UK bans sexist stereotypes in... 1:05:30 Fundraiser by Brian Kolfage : We The People Will Fund The Wall 1:10:00 'Fresh Prince' star Alfonso Ribeiro sues Fortnite over use of dance his character Carlton popularized - CNN 1:13:22 Questionable bushes hard to ignore 1:14:00 Debian's Anti-Harassment Team Is Removing A Package Over Its Name - Phoronix 1:18:51 Sex robot: First 'consensual' brothel FLOPS after fundraising struggles | Daily Star

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Now this is the drunk news I’ve been looking for!


L1T Drunk news with 50% more rambling!

Would Hillary Clinton ever use something like Alexa? I think she would be paranoid to have a device like that around her. Could you imagine the potential dirt someone like Jeff Bezos would have at his disposal?

The Playstation Classic is trash. Most of the game ROM’s included with the console don’t run at their correct frame rates. That Ridge Racer game runs at 30fps on real PS1 hardware. While it struggles to run at 20fps with frame pacing issues on the PS1 Classic.

Also, on top of that, half of the ROM’s are PAL versions, which run at 50Hz and not 60. The system uses the PCSX ReARMed emulator, and yeah, a Raspberry Pi with the same emulator runs better.


this was literally the best news of the year… the banter was fantastic and the real opnions that alcohol brings out for the topics was awesome… i never miss an episode but this took the cake by far…


The lack of filter is amazing hahaha


21:00 minute mark~ I showed her my private keys!

I died laughing at this. We need more drunk news because this was authentic and hilarious.


Ryan needs to have a spinoff channel… RyansPoopTips


I always found the chemistry of the 3 to be what is funny for me, Ryans deadpan cynicism contrasting one of the other twos hopefulness always gets me.

EDIT: @RevampedTech


I’m confused as to why I’m being tagged.


Ryan alone is not as funny. he is but its the mix of the 3 and the contrast for me


The comment itself was a joke based on the first couple minutes of the dumpster fire, not something serious.


well dont short your self, super drunk Ryan is still quite funny, the unexpected “i love you”. i fucking lost it. seemed a classic “im drunk should not have said that”


OK, not only do we need RyansPoopTips but also RyansPissTips


I still want royalties / cred or whatever for being the starter of these type of episodes. A letter signed by Wendell, Ryan (Grizzle) and Kreestuh would suffice.


This was the best one ever. Please do this once a year. It is very entertaining.


How did you start these episodes?


Speaking of Alexa news… I am watching this video on an Echo Show. It has a five megapixel camera. I think the camera is intentionally crappy so people are more at ease or more likely because it saves money…


Man oh man there is even a mention by Grizzle in the first one saying a certain somebody got the ball rolling. I was one who called for it under one of their videos at one point and I am certain they saw it. I don’t know the whole deal but yes I know I get cred and was given cred but was just hoping for some sweet swag. LOL!


I am happy they have done these more than once a year. They need to let loose sometimes with all the crap they have to talk to us about week in and week out.


Sorry, I watched them drunk, so I didn’t really get much from it.

That makes sense though.