Wd40efax.... Am I up the creek?

Hello all! I have just purchased my first NAS and am looking forward to setting it up, however I have a potential problem. After purchasing my first drive to install I started to read all the buzz about SMR drives being bad for use in NAS devices. Having already purchased 1 wd40efax wd red model (SMR) drive what should I populate the other 3 bays with? I can still buy the older WD 4tb NON SMR drives. Would it hurt to put 3 of the older wd red non SMR drives in the remaining 3 bays? These drives will be going into a Terra-Master F4-220. I have already upgraded the ram to its 4gb limit as well if that means anything. I will just be using this NAS as part of a backup and central point to keep files between several computers. Thanks for any help in advance!

If your use case is light… you’ll likely be fine.

there a ton of different tests this YT channel did… this is just one of them.

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Thanks for the reply nx21! I have watched that channel and it is interesting. I don’t think I will ever be a power NAS user so I think I will be fine too. So for my second part of the first question though… Can I, or should I use the eFax (SMR) model like the one I have already purchased in the remaining 3 bays, or should I populate them with the wd red NON SMR 4tb drives? Can I even do that? Thanks again for your time!!

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