WD Red vs WD Purple

I'm in the market for a 4tb hdd which will mostly be used for storage of files and streaming my plex library to two pc's , where i'm from i have a choice between red or purple or green. Segates warranty isnt upto to par with Wd so they aren't in the running.

While doing my research i've found wd reds are better for NAS or Raid while Greens are better for just long term storage and are a little squeamish with noise and suddenly dying and definitely not good for raid , as for purple they are built for 24/7 running which my pc will be doing to stream content. I have only space for 1 more HDD in my case so i wont be doing Raid anytime soon as the hdd will take up the last sata port. Hence my dilemma is Wd red is almost 70-80$ more than the purple , but spending money on it and not using it for what its fully intended to do , is it worth going with the Wd red or is Wd purple fine even though its optimised for more read compared to write ? warranty's on both are 3 yrs. i could get a Raid controller down the road in a year and add 5 inch bays to my coolermaster 693 with hdds , so prepare for the future ? or settle with purples ?

I suggest you read this


and then go with greens

Considering he was going for reliability and for a long warranty which I would guess this breaks, I don't think that's a good idea.   

I like the reds for desktop use, they are the most silent and vibrate the least out of all the WD's in my experience and the speeds are all very close

They can't tell that you've done this and they give you the tools to do it.

So unless you tell them they don't know,

cant believe someone worth that all out..

HGST all day ever day