Watercooling Setup For My Current PC (Crimbo Presents)

http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/22hUx   - Put this on PC partpicker to make it easier and stuff..


I was wondering what people think of this, i currently have a AMD FX 6300, Radeon 7850 (possible going crossfire or upgrading) and a Fractal Arc Midi R2. I know a custom loop for this CPU is overkill but i am building this for future proofing. 



  1. Should i change the pump? - Have sort of answered my self, see below...
  2. Is everything compatible?
  3. Will the pump be okay for CPU & Single/Duale GPU setup's? 
  4. What should I change?

If i have to change the pump I will change it to this but it's allot more expensive - http://www.scan.co.uk/products/alphacool-laing-vpp655-d5-pump-t12-(1-2-barbed-connectors)


Any places where i can get parts cheaper, in the UK, will be appreciated. Thanks in advance - Dom.


Don't want to upset you mate, that CPU works great with that graphics card and it's nice mid level gaming pc but it's not really custom loop cooling material since it's performance is simmilar to an ivy i3. You'd probably get better performance by selling this cpu/gpu and with the money from the loop cooler + what you made by selling those parts get a nice 8320 + 7950 and when you have the money, custom loop that though 7950's with aftermarket coolers don't really need water cooling so just get a closed loop cooler for your cpu.  That's my advice.

Like i said i know it's really overkill but want to get to 4.8ghz, and stay future proof with the setup, as for the GPU i am currently saving for a 7970 or a 280x.

I fucking hate it when people say the FX6300 is similar to an i3. Speaking from experience, having used the 4100, 6300, 8320, 8350, i3s, i5s and i7s, I'd say they are the 6300 is around as good as an i5.

Maybe a sandy i5 or 1366 i5 not ivy/haswell.

I would agree with that but not with the i3 comparison.

+1 Just smile and wave...

1366 didn't have i5s, that was an "Extreme" socket, like 2011.

I actually though about that when I was writing but I decided not to check, I had to learn it by mistake.

Still no real input, i just want a comment on the loop & compatibility NOTHING ELSE.