Watercooled R9 290 Build?

So I had planned to build a computer for a friend using the recently price dropped gtx 780 but since the R9 290 non-x dropped, it just blew it out of the water for $200 less.  But the Stock cooler is just garbage, high temps, and very loud.  So I though with the money I save I can slip in some sweet watercooling and overclock the card too.

Now I know how to but together a PC partlist but I know nothing about watercooling.  His max budget is $1600.  He will be doing gaming mostly and maybe some youtubing (although I don't think posting gameplay is really system demanding).  


Find a suitable waterblock for the 290, and then purchase a simple WC starter kit. Like the XSPC 240mm kit, and maybe add in another radiator. Ensuring the chassis you choose has suitable radiator support. 120mm of rad space per component, and 120mm for overclocking headroom.

What about the NZXT source 530?  That seems like a good case for a good price.


This might work well. Maybe look into the non-mini version of Fractal cases.

Make sure to take some pictures when you're done!

What kind of fans would you guys recommend for the radiator?

Looks like you could mount a 240 in the top and a 240 in the bottom. That would be enough radiator space for GPU + CPU + OC.

I would advise getting slim radiators, like the XSPC RS radiators. The case doesn't appear to have support for thicker rads. You might have to mount the top fans externally in a pull configuration. And the bottom radiator mount may require you to pull out some of the HDD bays.

For quiet and excellent performance - Noctua. For cheaper and still good performance - Corsair SP series. 

Fans? Anything with good static pressure. Like the aforementioned Noctua and Corsair fans. Silverstone APs are good too.

The fans that ship with the XSPC kits happen to be suitable.

I know there are a couple new waterblocks out already for the R9 290/290X.  A custom loop should be possible, but expensive as last time I checked the waterblocks were around $110.


So I think I will go with the base build like this: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/21y0e 

And for watercooling I will go with this kit: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/21236/ex-wat-271/XSPC_Raystorm_750_EX360_Extreme_Universal_CPU_Water_Cooling_Kit_New_Rev_4_Pump_Included_w_Free_Dead-Water.html#blank

for the GPU block: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/21665/ex-blc-1564/EK_Radeon_R9-290X_VGA_Liquid_Cooling_Block_-_Acrylic_EK-FC_R9-290X.html 

and the coolant: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/14841/ex-liq-200/Fluid_XP_Industrial_Grade_Deionized_Water_-_Blood_Red.html

What do you guys think? Is everything compatible? Do i have enough bolts in the kit for the GPU?  Are there more cheaper alternatives?  Please let me know!

I would recommend Bitspower fittings. Also, if you decide to go with any non-Bay reservoir , make sure to understand where and how t o mount. It is a real pain in the rear end.

and for the looks!

GOD! if noctua could only make them more attractive.

Well everything is in a kit excluding the GPU block and coolant.

Meh. As a color freak who wants every part to match a certain scheme, Noctuas aren't my thing.  It's like they gathered around and said, "Hey let's build one of quietest and best performing fans on the market, and make it a color that doesn't match in any build color scheme. "  And in my honest opinion, they are kind of ugly.