Watercooled AMD Build Finally Completed

Finally after about a month of returns, RMAs and frustration, my watercooling build is finally complete! This build was initially meant to turn my original gaming rig into a mining rig.

Sadly after 6 days of mining/gaming, the psu died. Turns out a corsair 1200i is not powerful enough for an 8350 and 3 290s. I have since swapped it out for a Lepa Maxplatinun 1375w 


  • AMD 8350 OCed to 4.869 ghz (1.475 volts and 1.25v north bridge)
  • 3x r9 290 at 975/1250
  • Asus Crosshair V formula 
  • Lepa Maxplatinum 1375w (peak 1600w)
  • Kingston Hyperx 3K 120gb
  • WD blue 1tb
  • ...


  • XSPC Raystorm (AMD bracket)
  • Laing D5 strong pump
  • XSPC Bay reservoir 
  • XSPC EX 360mm radiator (top)
  • Darkside 240mm thick radiator (bottom)
  • XSPC 1/2 ID 7/16 OD clear tubing
  • 7 Yate Loon Blue LED medium speed fans (radiator)
  • 2 Yate Loon Blue LED low speed fans (intake/exhaust)
  • ...
  • NZXT Phantom top 360mm radiator mod (used aluminum rails as mounts)
  • Removed hard drive cage to fit the thick 240mm radiator


Unigine Heaven at ultra 1080p fullscreen

  • Score 3092 (290s at stock 975/1250)
  • Avg FPS 122.7
  • Min Fps 25.6
  • Max FPS 235.4

Max Temps while benchmarking

  • CPU 60.1°C
  • GPUs 62°C
Process (sort of...)
After I took this picture I realized that I forgot one of the thermal pads and had to redo the padding
Final Result
Final thoughts
This build is pretty unbalanced as a gaming machine, but served rather well as a mining machine. Although I play BF4 almost exclusively right now and mantle is actually working quite well for me. Hopefully I can do some benchmarks soon. Mining with this thing at 2.6 mhash/s paid of almost all of the components ;). The reason I stuck with the 8350 instead of going high and Intel was because an OCed 8350 is roughly equivalent to a 3770k/4770k at stock and the jump in performance wasn't enough to justify buying the intel. In addition, I had exhausted most of my funds and could not afford socket 2011. Will definitely consider a 3930k once the new generation comes out or even the upcoming 16 core AMD processor. 

Still Trying to decide on a name for my rig. Any suggestions or feedback is greatly appreciated

Have a nice day!



bling bling

An AX1200i can't handle an 8350 and 3 290s?

Wow I'm actually very surprised by that. I appreciate 290s require quite a lot of power but surely more than 1 kW is enough. Are you sure it wasn't just defective? Because increasing your wattage by a mere 150 W to resolve the problem probably wouldn't have been my recommendation if wattage was indeed the problem.

But glad it works!

You ever figure out how much power that thing is pulling? Damnit. I want one.

290s when mining pulled near 400 watts each. 8350 stock is 150-200ish. Water cooling pulls 100-150, so yes at max the rig theoretically pulls 1550w. I'll buy a kill-a-watt later, but the 1600w peak wattage will be able to handle the rig. I was definitely surprised that the ax1200i couldn't handle it, but considering I've fried 3 ax1200is it would be safe to conclude that 1200 watts is insufficient. 

Water cooling pulls 150w? Well that's new.

I read somewhere that a d5 pulls 50 watts (could be wrong) and 9 led fans pull 5-7 each, so yea 100-150 watts is theoretically possible, though unlikely. 

That is one of the coolest PC builds I have seen! Nice job! 

You might wanna check your figures. A 290x at full load only pulls 310-ish watts. A D5 power draw depends on voltage set at; A 12v D5 will draw 23-25 watts (model/manufacturer dependant)


As for naming it, AMD is prodimantely red whilst your fans (blue) and case (white) are quite cold in colour.... so something along the lines of "Fire Ice" or in Latin (and words switched) "Grando Ignis"

looks very nice, but how are you still sleeping with all that blue? ☺

@BadJedi2163 Thanks!

@MisteryAngel With much difficulty XD. Actually all the LED fans and the Blue LED strip are connected to the fan controller on the phantom so when I crank those all the way down the fans are inaudible and the light is not too bright