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Water Cooling idea: no DIY RNG block+pump?



I’m in the middle of a computer upgrade and I have an idea for a post-upgrade for cooling in the following months.

My RX 480 is a very hot card. Unacceptably hot, I would argue. Granted, this is summer and 70 to 80C constants are to be expected. Still, I like things nice and cool (I used to run a GTX 760 4GB at 45C under 100% load thanks to water). And the Ryzen 2700x I’m upgrading to might have a great out of the box cooler… but I would like to get both the GPU and CPU’s temps down considerably.

Enter DIY custom loops: I want to make a single loop, GPU+CPU system with 2 different radiators and 2 different pumps… because reasons. The new case I will be getting will be perfect because I can use my old 5.25" external bay water pump + resovoir combo as well as some rads I already have laying around.

There’s just one problem: I can’t seem to find a CPU water block with built in pump. There are tons of such options with AOI/prebuilt water cooling systems… but I need one that’s DIY. I need JUST the CPU water block/pump. Is anyone even making such things? Oh, and… it needs to be RGB. Because of course.

Here’s a wonder rendition of my plan that Picasso would be jelly of.


cant find any RGB options, but here are a few block/pump combos. You could probably add your own RGB with a couple LEDs.


I didn’t think about this till just now, but if I can’t find an RGB one, I could always get an RGB waterblock and just have another pump down by the lower rad out of sight. That might actually be cheaper; some in-line pumps are just $20 and I’ve got RGB waterblocks for about the same price. $40 for what I want compared to the already more expensive, non-RGB block you linked.

TY for link btw; wasn’t familiar with that site. In the event that I do what I just posted, do you have an in-line you’d suggest? The main reason for having 2 pumps is mostly redundancy anyway. Smoother waterflow, less strain than a single pump, and if one fails, then my comp won’t fry itself.


A “good” pump wont be $20. You’ll want a nice D5 that’ll last for a long while. Most are from $75 - $100. I haven’t watercooled for a few years, so I’m not up to speed with the current meta for pumps, but D5s have always been pretty good.


True. Finding one with a more guaranteed lifespan and with a convenient mounting option will push me out of the lower end range. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, though.


i know this may sound janky but… buy a aoi and just you know cut it so you can use your own rads res and such most astek aio’s are pump waterblock combos and basically use the same pump across many different “brands”


heres what some dude on youtube did with this idea


I had thought about doing this, but was wee bit apprehensive about cutting apart a brand new AIO… that’s going to cost at least $120. Still… the rad I was going to have to buy + the pump + the RGB CPU water block would probably cost that anyway… soooo… totally valid option. I’ll take a second look at this option.