Water Cooling Build Help (pump/reservoir)

Hey guys, so this is gonna be my first water cooling build and i'd like some insight into whether I selected the right parts and on what reservoir and pump (either combo or separate) I should go with.

I'm going all out with this build so hear it is http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3Llf4

Thanks in advance for the help

Those gpu blocks wont fit - they're for the custom pcb palit/gainward cards. You'll want to get blocks that suit the reference design pcb. Head here for some options - input your card details. http://www.coolingconfigurator.com

Rads - fine, hose fine, comp fittings fine. Also be sure too dummy fit everything, I'd dare say that you'll want to grab some nice 45 or 90 degree fittings to make clean lines.

With the pump/res, really depends if you want to show off a nice big res with the side window. Or stick with something like a dual 5.25 bay d5/res combo.

Have a look around at other builds for ideas and what you like.

I think you should switch the Formula to an Extreme if budget is not a constraint.