Watchdog Specs leaked

Apparently we need a 3930k and 9370 for gaming now.

GPUs? Nahhh.

so it says 8 cores or will my 16 core opteron finally give me better gaming performance?1/?!

I doubt the extreme measures required to play this game.

That 16 core Opteron of yours will do no better than a quad core Intel because the per-core performance is awful, and the clock is low.

i was being sarcastic....but yes i know...................


"Watch Dogs' graphics technical director, Sebastien Viard, dismissed these specs earlier today, stating the real specs won't be as demanding."

well that's reasonable.

The "ultra specs" are probably a result of of Super Sampling AA being included. They did the same thing in Metro: Last Light to drive up the recommended specs even though SSAA in 1080P+ will massively tank your system regardless.

That's rediculous, it's great that the AMD 9370 went down to around 300 in the UK, maybe I'll pick one up and be able to play this on medium settings or something. haha