Wasabi Mango UHD400 Screen Replacement

Hey, all!

Recently, a customer donated a Wasabi Mango UHD400 with a damaged screen to our PC repair shop. I’m looking to see the cost of a replacement screen and if I can even order one. I can’t find any posts on the forum with anymore info on the panel, other than the fact that it’s made by Samsung.

If anyone knows the part number, or where I can find it printed, please let me know. I’ve disassembled the monitor almost completely (see image below), but I don’t see a model or part#.

Thanks, Wyatt

What is actually wrong with the panel?

I suppose I should clarify that.

There is a pixilated line about an inch wide running top to bottom on the side of the panel. It appears to have been impacted as there are some scuffs on the screen in that same area.

Ah so it is definitely panel damage.

I had a brief look around but could not find any teardown or information on the panel used. I also could not find replacement parts.

currently I am thinking the best solution might be to find a second broken on but with a good panel and make one good monitor out of two bad ones. But that also seems kind of rare as people usually call it a total loss and trash the whole thing.

Follow up:

Sadly, I was unable to hunt down a display.
It’s not a complete loss however, the monitor is more functional than not. It was free after all.

I’ll mount it on the wall as a tertiary display to my current monitor setup at work.


From what I was able to gather, which is very little, is that it’s a Samsung PVA panel. I tried to search on panelook to find a panel that matches exactly with the specs the monitor gives but couldn’t find any.

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