Was buying a 7970 a mistake?


I bought a Direct CU2 7970 last week. The day after I bought it the AMD cards went on sale because of the announcement of the next gen cards.

I just wanted to know if I should have waited for the next gen and bought one of those?

thanks :)


Well, I'd wait and see what reviews the next gen AMD cards would get, as I'm usually a bit unsure about new gen cards. Normally, I like to wait for the reviews to rain into my YouTube inbox. I think you should do the same, to be honest. :)

A 7970 is a huge amount of power for the money the new cards are just tweeked refreshed 7xxx cards (except for the $700 R 290X)


Thanks :) I'm really happy with it, it's a beast! I'm only gaming at 1080p so I dont need too much power