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WARNING: HyperX RGB RAM false advertising (RGB)

I am writing to warn everyone here regarding HyperX’s RGB RAM.

Do not commit the same mistake I have made.

Their RGB ram is advertised to be compatible with Asus Aura Sync software but it is not: it will work with it only in static mode (select a static color and will sync to the rest of the components), any other lighting mode will NOT work in sync with the rest of the components controlled by Asus Aura.
It will always be out-of-sync with the rest of the system but perfectly in sync with each other ram module installed as long as the modules are adjacent.

To add injury to insult, if you use Asus Aura to tell the ram leds to turn off, they will not even turn off. They’ll always be on to remind you about the money you wasted on them.

Asus has not replied to my support ticket yet however HyperX did and told me that what I am experiencing is the intended behavior of their product.

I bought 32GB of these because they were advertised to be compatible with Aura but they are not. This is misleading advertising and it is disgusting.
Bought these too long ago to even ship them back to the store and I am stuck with them. I am extremely disappointed and I urge you not to buy these ram modules. Raising awareness about this issue is all I can do now.

You ask for proof.

Here is a link to how Asus Aura is intended to work

Here is a screenshot of their website showing Asus Aura support

Here are some links to reviews talking about the product, the reviewers suggest they have received information from HyperX about the product supporting Aura Sync. This is by no means a complete list, all the reviews I’ve read regarding this RAM discusses the same point. 2018-10-07%2021_46_57-HyperX%20Predator%20DDR4%20RGB%2032GB%202933MHz%20Memory%20Kit%20Review%20-%20Legit%20Reviews

Here are some links to people experiencing the same exact issue:

And a commenter under this video has gotten a similar response from HyperX customer support. 2018-10-07%2021_53_22-Kingston%20Hyperx%20Predator%20RGB%20RAM%20Issue%20Aura%20sync%20-%20YouTube
People on reddit:

A confused Brazilian user:

Google translated:


Can you provide screenshots of where it was advertise and evidence of it not working in the software?

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^^^^^ this.

Please and thank you :slight_smile:

I’m doing my best, unfortunately my pc is not complete and I’m trying to edit a video on a laptop, however I have linked other people experiencing the same problem. The video shows exactly what I am experiencing.
The video uploader however has been much more generous than me and just takes the “breathing” mode as working even though the ram breathes out of sync.

So I am reading through the comments, it looks like this is a “possible” fix, have you attempted it?

That solution is not a proper solution for multiple reasons:
It is supposed to enable Aura Sync on the hardware if the hardware is not detected by the Aura Sync software according to Asus FAQ(s), however in this case the hardware is detected and just refuses to work.
In addition the option is not available on AMD chipsets apparently, such as my Crosshair VI Hero.
I have tested in on a Maximus X Hero and it still does not work as Aura Sync is intended to work.
Commenters under Kitguru’s review suggested that the IR sync hardware on these RAM modules are there to bypass the SPD write method altogether, which would explain why it doesn’t seem to care about that setting.

The underlying issue with the world of RGB computing is that we need one open standard that everyone can use and it is compatible with these fragmented RGB technologies.


Is this Aura Sync supposed to be a universally compatible program, or do we need yet another standard to standardise the standards?

I’m thinking

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Given it is competing with Gigabyte’s and MSI’s technologies, I’d say Asus is trying too hard to be universally compatible among other vendors. Like how VESA regulates the standards for computer displays, we need like an organisation that standardises RGB technology in computing.

But yeah, there may be legal and business issues surrounding the standardisation of RGB tech. I’m pretty sure it could be resolved in a matter of time. It’s just that this technology is fragmented and poorly executed.

Wow really? Its colourful lights not display standards and all that it encompasses. If anything RGB needs less encouragement.

I am honestly surprised that someone has not made their own bedroom project that controls all the RGB correctly.


I don’t even feel the need for RGB. I just feel like as if it’s a gimmick for open-minded people.

I’m here to give some more proof and an update to this matter.


These are just a couple of emails I’ve gotten for this thread. My conversations at the phone with HyperX are much worse than this: they flat out blame Asus and their refusal to work with HyperX and went as far as suggesting me to return my motherboard and buy an MSI or Gigabyte board.
In addition they said that some Asus motherboard have full control on the RGB leds on the memory. Asus on the other hand (always at the phone) says that these sticks work this way an all of their motherboards.

I’ve also been experiencing this problem

Stay away from this memory.
I have confirmed that G.Skill, Team Group and Klevv RGB models all work properly, buy those instead.

Well Asus is probablly the party that could eventually fix this issue,
with an update to their Aura software.

Not sure if Kingston could do much about it in this case.
It might not be smart advertising, but maybe they could figure things out with Asus,
wenn they get enough complaints from customers about it.
In my opinion the software package is provided by a third party in this case Asus,
So there is probablly very little that kingston could do about it.

But of course this does not mean that the product is bad by any means.

It is provided by a third party but it is approved for advertising on Kingston products, which would imply both parties have tested the software and products.

This has not happened, Asus should revoke all use of the Aura branding on Kingston products until it is functioning in accordance with Asus’s software.


Yep agree, thats what i mean to say.
Asus is the party to complain at.

This fixed my problem. Asus Z390-E Mobo and 2x8gig of Kingston Predator DDR4. … it also works with the most recent, as of time of this post 1.07.36 Aura software.

That does NOT fix the problem, that only fixes the “new” problem introduced by the latest Aura software that causes the ram modules not to work at all with Aura.
That procedure allows you to make the ram work with Aura but only with the limited support of syncing in static mode. All other effects are out of sync.

To this day neither Asus nor HyperX have given any statement regarding the main issue, only HyperX added a “limited support” clause on the product page.

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Hey, thanks for the link! Which products has it enabled for you?

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