Warhammer online!

Just curious on how many people is gonna Rock WaR upon its freakin release coming up!! Any do Beta here?

u mean Dawn of War 3? im definatly gettin that


he means warhammer online mmorpg like WoW

it does i havnt checked it out yet but my freind is excited about it

im so gonna try it out!ive tried wow didnt really like it and im always in for new games.trinizic = my xfire add me we can play 2gether wen it comes out :)


I just love the fact u can lvl up while doing RvR instead of all the pve...

Yeah, I thought that was what WoW would be about when I initially heard about it... I mean it's WARcraft, not Questcraft. I want WAR, two great armies razing hell across the lands, W-A-R. And that's why I am really exited about Warhammer. And an acquaintance of mine is a Producer working on the Tome Of Knowledge, and she has pumped me up for it a lot.

I hope ppl wont compare this game with WoW..WoW is so gear dependant..i need WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR as god said ''two great armies razing hell across the lands'' that wud kick ass ive seen alot of vids about this game there will be like lands for each race and u can take the over or fight for them just go on youtube and search these guys made an assload of vids and tthats good they are actually showing us what were gonna get..Unlike some other games..(Age of conan)

Age of Conan was a let down for me...over hyped, and a bit uncomplete, the fighting system was different but still not what i hoped for, As said by lynx u can youtube whore the hell out of War right now lots of good videos..and yeah people are comparing it to WoW.....everyone has a opinion even if it is wrong! :P

ive followed warhammer online aslong with age of conan, age was a let down i must admit

also i kinda think war online was pretty shoddy combat system

i hope they do gd because sum1 needs to compete with WoW, but i dont think its gunna be the 'WoW killer'