Wanted to be sure my PSU can handle the 780TI

I am going to upgrade to the 780ti from the gtx 660SC, I currently have the CORSAIR CX series CX600 600W psu. I read that the 780ti needs 42 amps on the 12v rail, mine says it is at 46 on the rail. I figured I would ask the people here if I will be alright, a 600W or greater psu is recommended for the new card. 


Any input is appreciated

You'll be fine with your existing psu.

Yes you will be fine. The PSU recommendations are always extremely exaggerated.


Here you can see that the card itself draws ~ 270W. The whole system doesn't even need 400W, so you actually have a lot of headroom.

Another piece of info for you to think of.

I have AX760i + i7-4770K @ 4.5 1.4v + stock 780 Ti.

I was running LinX + MSI Kombustor at the same time and the maximum power output to the PSU was around 510 watts (monitored in Corsair Link); the CPU itself is 170 watts TDP at that time (monitored in RealTemp | TI)

But that's the peak power output with GPU "Boosted" very much; In a couple of minutes running the same stress test power draw drops to around 450 watts.

So If the CX600 can give ~550 watts on the 12v rail it will handle an overclocked Haswell and 780 Ti well. In my system during gaming I think power draw is much lower, about 350 watts, which would fall to the safe 58% of what your PSU could handle (and that's especially good, cause PSUs best efficiency is around 50%)

So unless you have a greatly overclocked 8-core AMD CPU (like 5 GHz) I think you'll be fine with CX600