Want to set up a Game Server

Hey so I have been playing ARK: Survival Evolved with a few friends and we wanted sort of a safe haven so that when we log off the server we will not be griefed or raided by the competition.
I know how to set up the server already, I am just looking for suggestions for good hardware to do the processing of the server.
I was thinking something along the lines of an Athlon 5350 APU with 8GB to 16GB of RAM.
I have never hosted a server though. Just curious of what would be good.

From what i read about doing a dayz server it needs to be a beast cpu either top tier consumer or server grade is needed . Also they always recommend sas or ssd. It might be cheaper to rent one if you all chip in 30 players for $30 a month. I dont know what ark specs are.

From a Dev of Ark in response to server question

system specs:

Xeon 1271 CPU
32 GB DDR3 1600
120 GB Intel DC3700 SSD (OS)
1TB Samsung 850 PRO SSD (game servers)
1Gbit Port (30TB outgoing bandwidth)

Yep, you can host your own dedi servers, and you have super control over the administration of them (ban lists, white lists, passwords, and tons of game options), as well as hosting mod maps (with dynamic in-game downloading using Steam Workshop).

However, the requirements to host a full-scale server are pretty high currently (we expect to do much optimization in this area post-EA launch):

For ~100 players, you're looking at approximately 4 GB RAM per game instance, about 20 GB storage (since we don't do a separate content build for the dedi server it has all the client content unnecessarily included, at least for now), and the CPU speed is sufficient but you can expect 1 core to be fully utilized 100% by the game thread, with another core approximately 30% utilized (physics and networking and async I/O).

Hope that helps!


me and a couple friends used to have a tekkit server and we run the server on the same computer as the one he was playing on

Cool. After looking into it more, I definitely know how to run the server on separate hardware but I don't know that if my hardware will be able to fully handle it. If anything I will see if tekkit is compatible running with ARK.

If it can run tekkit isn't a good measurement to see if it can run DayZ. They are extremely different.

god no

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Well, I have been running the ARK: Survival Evolved server its been running very smooth with my friends and I playing on it. Currently ran on my laptop with a Core i5-4210U with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD.
Took a while to publish it now but takes about 90 seconds to become available to my friends. I have been using this easy tool that manages everything but I just had to forward my ports 50Mb down and 6Mb up.