Want to gather some opinions on Palo Alto Networks

Going for a cyber defense bachelors (losing interest at 3 years in honestly) atm and im in a class called VPN firewall and what I’ve gathered so far is that its a cisco esque style class where the classes title is broad but its about one manufacturer and how their stuff works so its coming off to me as a giant ad for paloalto networks

However what I see in my profs lectures and in the videos is that it has some uniquely powerful features and seems like a quality producy behind all the shilling so I am reaching out to see if anyone here has experiences with this company and if so would you care to elaborate. I’m making this thread out of curiosity.

also torn between enterprise gear category and networking so I flipped a coin

Never used them, but have seen a demo once looked decent, pretty sure its full of subs you need for features like everything now a days. Always good to have a wide variety of equipment exp on your resume for IT IMO so I say go for it.