Want to contribute (with a bit of mentorship) to the Proxmox Ansible role?

I just opened this issue and realised there are likely people on this forum who might be interested in contributing, since I do see a lot of Proxmox users using it for VFIO, etc. here.

This is an Ansible role for deploying Proxmox clusters (or single nodes) on Debian servers originally written back in 2016 and it has seen a lot of activity since, as well as a few companies adopting it for their Proxmox deployments.

So if you use Proxmox and know some Ansible (or even if you’re just starting to learn Ansible) and want to contribute to an open source project, I think this could be a good opportunity for you to get your feet wet and help out!

While I could work on this myself, it would definitely be more preferable to me (and the other contributors) to have more people who are familiar with the codebase and thus can review code contributions and the like without needing to rely on me.

Either way, I’ll eventually get around to it if there does happen to be no interest, lol. But if you are interested, let me know and I can help point you in the right direction! And if the VFIO one above seems too complicated, there are a couple other more trivial issues open that you could try your hand at, as well. Thanks for reading!

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I don’t currently use Proxmox(as I only have a laptop) and haven’t used Ansible for a while, but I’ll try to contribute with some PRs in my mid semester break, in a couple of weeks or so.

P.S. I’ve opted the repository in for Hacktoberfest (since I guess the rules changed and it’s opt-in this year now) so check it out if you’re participating!

Also, it looks like yesterday marked the fifth year anniversary of the project since 1.0. Woo.