Want to build a custom triangle shaped case

My room is very small, and as a way to save some space, I came up with the idea to build a triangle shaped case that would fit behind my monitor. The only thing I'm not sure about is the material to use. Since this would be my first project, I was wondering what material is easy to work with and is easily available. I'd be using an itx board and an r9 380, and I have the layout all set up. Any help is much appreciated!

Edit: I just want to clarify that the case is going to fit into the corner of my room. That's why I ignored any comments telling me to get the Area 51 case or any triangle shaped case so far, and I wasn't trying to be rude. Thanks for all the help!

buy a broken or salvaged Alienware area 51 triangle PC case.

Wood and metal... Plastic and metal... Acrylic and metal... Metal and metal. You need to have some metal in order to have unified ground for the entire system, but otherwise, you can use whatever you have instruments for.
If you are going to spread the parts, you can use some floor laminate:

Or you can go for acrylic:

It depends on what kind of instruments you have and what are you willing to do...
Check this out:

Those are simply pipes. Cover most of this with acrylic and you are done.


I would recommend using this program, it comes with some preloaded cases you can use to work off of or create your own. It has a large amount of options and has an option to get a quote on your design.

Info: http://www.protocase.com/design/protocase-designer.php

Download: http://www.protocasedesigner.com/download/

workability varies with types of metal but yeah you should at least have some metal (for mobo standoffs etc) so you get some good grounding. wood is fairly simple to work with if you don't have a way to bend pipes. Acrylic is great for showing off internals but it can be fragile at times.

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found this case that might work

Thank you, I think I decided on working with mostly wood for now just to get the shape, and then later once I have more of an idea of what I want I'll use all metal.

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High density foam also works great for prototyping

Awesome, thanks!

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