Want last minute part help

My build is on a budget of $850 with a monitor, and $70 windows 8.1pro student. My max is about $950, but I'd much rather $850. I live in NY, US, and I would prefer using USD. I don't really prefer a specific retailer, but for the monitor, best buy.

This PC is for schoolwork, and gaming (primarily CS:GO, TF2, and Minecraft), at the resolution you put the monitor at, at least 1080, and I'd rather 60 FPS at least in these games. The monitor must be at least 60 hertz, and 21.5+in. 1080p+ please. Also, I'm fine with a TV, I'm using a 1080p 24in Insignia TV on a different PC (I do need a new monitor, this is in another room) and I'd fine. This PC is also Mini ITX I'd prefer.

I'd over clock if I have a CPU which can, but I really don't need to. If I would over clock, I'd probably use the $30 EVO.

Right now, I'm set to buy everything this week except the video cards, because I'm waiting to see the AMD 300 series, which should be announced at E3, so please don't comment on "GTX 960 is bad compared to x card". Right now, I have this build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/jndbQ7

I'd prefer 16 GB of ram too, and the 240 GB SSD, because that's all ill use and cheaper than a 120+ 1TB HDD