Want a helo for pc build in 2021?

Hi Respected community
I want to build a pc for gaming.It will be my first gaming pc so I am not very well known about ideal specs for best high end gaming.
One of my friend told me that go with latest zen 3 motherboards and RTX 30 graphics cards.I reaad some reviews about zen 3 motherboards on techmotherboard .com in this article.
But I want your suggestions that Which one will be best.X570 or B550?
And how much budget will be required to build that PC.

Sorry to disappoint, but right now is a terrible time to build a PC. If you can wait until June-July sometime, then wait. Right now you’ll be overspending by a couple of hundred dollars no matter which price tier you’re in. GPUs are the worst offender with $100+ “Corona tax”, but other components are also not great with $25-$50 extra for PSU, RAM, Disks…

Second, what is the purpose of this build? What games do you want to play? Are you o.k. with spending a bit now for decent performance, or a lot of money for great performance?

Third, what resolution and framerates are you aiming at? Only asking because you can get away with a lot of performance left.

With that said, here is a few recommendations. I will assume you are going to build a gaming system for a screen running [email protected] as a starter build. I’ll start with my base recommendations on PCPartpicker:

Component Part Price Comment
Motherboard Gigabyte B550 AORUS PRO AC $179.99 Decent motherboard for a good price
CPU Not decided – Recommendations below
Memory Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB 3600 MHz $82.99 Good enough RAM to last you a while
Storage (OS) Crucial P2 1 TB NVME $99.99 Fast drive with o.k. storage for a start
GPU Not decided – Recommendations below
Power Supply SeaSonic FOCUS Gold 750W ATX $108.41 Quiet and 700W should be enough for most setups
Case Phanteks Eclipse P300A Mesh ATX $59.99 Great case with great cooling options, but kinda bare-bones.
Case fans 2x Phanteks PH-F120SK 120 mm Fan $15.98 Decent cheap fans with PWMs for the front of case
Screen Lenovo L24q-30 23.8" $169.99 1440p running at 75 Hz refresh rate - our target
Total $717.39

Now, these are decent components at a good price. If you need to, you could get 16 GB RAM sticks instead of 8, and another 2TB fast storage (SSD) or another 8TB slow storage. That would set you back another $250-$300, though, so all about needs here, and these can easily be added afterwards.

Now is the question; GPU/CPU combo. For CPU, there are two decent choices, 3600 and 5800X. 3600 should fetch a decent budget price and work on all games for the next 3 years, while 5800X should be all the gaming performance you will need for the next five years. Right now there is a $300 difference however, so I’d pick the 3600 for now and upgrade to a 5900X later, when the system feels too sluggish.

As for the graphics card, at bare minimum an AMD Radeon 5600XT or an RTX 2060 Super would do the trick. Trouble is, prices are INSANE right now, with at least 200% the price these cards should cost. As an example, the 2060 Super should cost around $300, cheapest I can find? $700.

So, either get an old GPU on the cheap, like a GTX 1080, RX 580, heck even a GTX 1060 could help right now, or pay through your nose. Your choice. Hence why right now is a bad time to build.

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B550 is a relatively newer chipset, allowing for more memory compatibility / OC pushing [a few 570 refreshes, are creeping out woodworks, like MSi Razer edition]. PSU would be dependent on how aggressive, will you be wanting to go spec wise [Gold rating; + more free wattage is better, esp. in looking at all new higher tiered components power peak surges well >> TDP listing]. Memory wise, look up both mainboard [small sampling, multiple mfrs.] and memory mfr. compatibilities, for assurance it should work at start.

Your GPU / Monitor pairing, should work off in tandem. No point in having an OP’d GPU, when the monitor can only accommodate 1080p @ 60Hz refresh

For actual purchasing… General consensus, it is a B A D D time, across the board. It doesn’t hurt, however, in coming up with a stack of component(s) / suitable combination, for when right time / better times come around [MSRP cost / supply wise]. Not everything needs to be bought in 1 go - can always piece meal away.

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