Want a gaming monitor

So I've been trying to track down a monitor just for gaming. I'm not sold on the need for 1440 as 1080 seems to be just fine for me around 24 - 27" displays. That being said, I do want to get into the 144hz realm with Freesync. Trying to compare reviews on Amazon vs Newegg seem to be a different depending on which site you are on. Not to mention trying to search either is also limited to poor search functionality. Newegg is better but it does miss quit a few monitors in that have Freesync.

Anyways, I come to the community for buying suggestions..... le help le help

Firstly whats your system's specifications? I'm sure you are aware you are going to need a system that will be able to get 100+ fps to see the full benefit of a 144hz refresh rate.

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24" Freesync 35-144Hz...
AOC G2770PF.
Same thing, just 27".
ViewSonic VX2701mh
27" 30-144Hz Freesync...
I want to say the Lenovo Y27F since it's VA panel , but it starts from 48Hz and that is pretty high lower threshold for freesync...
ViewSonic XG2701
27" 30-144hz freesync...
You have quite a lot of choice here...
I could say get a couple other freesync monitor, but you ask for 144, and there aren't a lot of ips screens, that go 144 freesync...

If you have lots of money.

what is your budget :) and you can only buy from amazon/newegg usa .

or do you want suggestions regardless of price and limited to these sites.

this AOC G2460PG 24 is a 1080p + G-sync monitor so it meets your requirments its not expinsive in my perspective . but I don't like AOC colors ( speaking historically ) they always seemed bad , but didnt try this one personally so no idea there.

if you want the best I would advice to go for IPS and yes TN panels recently looks good but still I can see better details with IPS and trust me it helps in gaming XD for me I can spot a guy in the dark tunnle (csgo) with IPS easier than with any TN monitor .

ASUS ROG SWIFT PG279Q 27 is the best in my opinion for Gaming :). 800$

if you want best Value then the 1080p IPS g-sync from asus PG248Q is the best thing 450$

The guy wants freesync...

lol I understood the opposite.

well I have seen this in a cyber cafe , Viewsonic XG2401 and I was surprised for the 250$ you get all that :).
but I am big fan of ips and can't stand monitors with tn panels , so can't take my opinion regarding the colors of that monitor.

At the end of the day I'll be running 2x RX480's (currently 1) and will probably have a RyZen/Vega build as soon as all the architecture is available. So regardless of my current VGA configuration, it will be an improvement over 60hz on an IPS monitor using V-Sync.

As for the whole Newegg/Amazon thing..... it just has a large amount of user reviews which tends to be hit or miss depending on the product. Lots of varying reviews on monitors though. I don't care where I get as long as the retailer is easy to deal with on issues. 9/10 of the time I use Amazon w/ Prime unless it's a substantial deal elsewhere.

The AOC G2460PF "looks" like a great deal which is kind of what lead me down on this path in the first place. I was merely just reaching out to get some feedback with monitors in this spec range.

Look, truth time...
Even at 1080p 480 will not be able to run many things at 144Hz...70-80-100 yes, but 144 is pushing it, way to hard.
If you are willing to drop down to 75Hz, then you have:
1. Larger selection of monitors,
2. IPS monitors,
3. Cheaper prices.
For the price of that AOC, in my country, i can get a 27" IPS LG monitor. But it's 75Hz... But it's ips...
Not to mention i can get 2x22" IPS 75Hz 1080p Freesync monitors from LG again for the same price.
So you can get even triple monitor setup for gaming if you are up to it for less than some Asus Gsync monitors...
But if you really want 144Hz - there isn't huge amount of options.

Thanks for your input and I have to disagree on this but like I mentioned before that I am looking for some input on a monitor in this range of specs.

A: 2x RX480's will do just fine on about whatever I throw at it.... I'm still working out a custom riser for my 2nd but that has nothing to do with this topic.

B: The whole point of using Freesync or G-Sync is that it is adaptive. I have no intentions of running 144hz all the time while gaming and that's the beauty of having a "sync range" and maybe in conjunction with some fps capping to dial it all in some.

C: I am looking down the road a tad and will probably have 1 or 2 Vegas when they come out..... but I still only need just this one monitor for just this one function.

D: I already have a lovely 24" IPS monitor as stated above, plus 3x 19" on my dev station. There is no more desk or wall space after this one more monitor purchase.

This I do agree with

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So to answer my own question I guess.....
I pulled the trigger on the $200 AOC and it came in today. Still tweaking out the colors but my no means am I experiencing washed out colors after setting it up. Nor is the brightness to high like others have reported. I did opt for $10 on a 3 year Sq Trade just to be on the safe side. What it is not, it is definitely not as crisp and clear as my IPS but this thing just did wonders on the gaming side.

I spent a couple of hours playing BF1 with Freesync enabled and instantly so a major improvement across the board in game play. Frame rates peak up towards 120 FPS and never seemed to dip below 60. The 1ms response time did a major improvement on aiming, no jitters and it would seem my kill rate jump up about 20%. It might be the smoothest game play I think I have ever experienced. I've yet to test Doom w/ Vulkan but I suspect it is going to scream and I might see the 144 cap.

I am still really surprised at the performance to $$$ ratio I am getting out of of a $200 monitor and $220 video card.

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That is the biggest net positive of AMD's ecosystem - the price is so low...
There are cheaper monitors at 75Hz and with something like a second hand 380 or something - Sweet black little baby Jesus...

Man i want Freesync... But i need to stay strong for Zen... Can't afford both :(

All I can say is I accidentally went with a AM3+ mobo on this build and decided to go 100% AMD. I walked away from ATI/AMD stuff over 10 years ago, with these RX480's and with Nvidia requiring an account to update drivers through the G-Force experience.... I might not go back on the gaming side of things. For servers and audio production, I am stuck in the Intel and SPARC camps still

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