Wana play old-school arcade games on your browser?


http://www.tomshardware.com/news/internet-archive-900-arcade-games,28007.html (the article)

https://archive.org/details/internetarcade (dat arcade link)


Internet Archive Adds 900 Playable Coin-op Arcade Games


Looking for something to do on a dull, rainy day? Why not head over to the Internet Archive for some good nostalgic fun? The team behind the archive has collected around 900 playable coin-operated video games and added them to the Internet Arcade section, which is listed under the "Software" portion of the website. The Internet Arcade provides games from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, all of which are emulated in JSMAME.

"The game collection ranges from early 'bronze-age' videogames, with black and white screens and simple sounds, through to large-scale games containing digitized voices, images and music," the site's description reads. "Most games are playable in some form, although some are useful more for verification of behavior or programming due to the intensity and requirements of their systems."

Internet Archive reports that many games will go through a boot-up sequence once they're "turned on" to make sure the game will run in a playable environment. The team also warns that users playing on a keyboard or gamepad won't get the full arcade experience. Those who experience technical problems running a game are encouraged to contact the site.

In addition to the Internet Arcade, the Internet Archive's Software section also includes the Historical Software Collection, Classic PC Games, the Shareware CD Archive, the Software Library and the Console Living Room. For instance, click on the Sega Genesis link in the Console Living Room and you can run the listed games on an in-browser emulator.

As for the Internet Arcade, this section plays host to coin-op arcade games including Defender, Frogger, Galaga, Galaxian, Golden Axe, Millipede, Q-Bert, Street Fighter II, Super Pac-Man, TRON, Zaxxon and oh so much more classic arcade goodness. The Internet Archive team said that the games should run in all browsers, but Mozilla's Firefox browser currently provides the fastest environment.


This is a cool idea, something to keep me from falling asleep at work on those boring days.  8)


Thanks for the info.