Hello i just wanted to know how can i find wallpapers used in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMGX6UnCASE i hope someone knows where to find them thank you

for the most part, pretty much just go on deviant art and google images, make sure the image is the highest quality and resolution it can be.

there are some sites like http://minus.com/mR78uYsQCpkgh and whatnot, can find some really neat stuff there.

there are some sites out there... if you're willing to shovel through some seriously NSFW/wierd/groteaque things you can find some beautiful images. im not going to name anywhere specific but CAUGH starts with a K..... clears throat

well then.

EDIT: also, look up some of the album covers of your favorite bands, or stuff like the dye layout of a proccesor. i'll share my collection of wallpapers with you if you're interested. xP

yea you can share your collection

Check out HERE for some really neat pics.
I got most of my Wallpapers from this thread and links attached

ahem. how does one send a private message here. ;~;
its like a boatload of images. x'D

If you don't mind paying just a little bit... digitalblasphemy.com... Ryan Bliss is amazing and he has every wallpaper in pretty much every resolution/dual/triple screen...

You click on their name.

i know that.