Wall Street Journals Take On a Cashless Society

The WSJ’s takes on the pros and cons of a cashless society. The articles says that crime would drop with the reduction of cash. I think crime would just be redistributed across different platforms.

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If physical crime goes away, that’s still a win.

I do like the argument to just take the large bills ($50/$100) away though. There is no need for them.

removing cash might actually increase the crime rate if criminals make their own form of cash.

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Did someone say cryptocurrency? :crazy_face:

It may, or it may not. A debit/credit card with a pin is still suseptable to XKCD’s “$5 wrench” situation. Same with cryptocurrencies.

Criminals are, if anything, inovative. Close a door and they’ll open a window.

I’d say persistent is probably a better way to describe them. The ones we should be acknowledging, at least.