Vserver security (Your thoughts and facts)

I just got myself a vServer with a public domain to play around with.

What I found interesting that at the start they (world4you) already tell you out of the gate this ‘Please note that for security reasons, our vServer product is not intended for the installation of Teamspeak, IRC and the use as a game, proxy, VPN or Tor server.’.

Witch yeah sure fine. I probably will still be installing teamspeak anyways. To have something to substitute for discord if it dies (witch it sometimes does). But I’m not buying it for teamspeak.

Then the payment process wasn’t all that straight forward either. First it said I can pay with paypal. But then I could not pay with paypal. Then I setup a debit with my bank card, witch appearently does not just work. Though, I also could not delete it anymore (as there is only a save button and that one tells you the textboxes are empty if you delete them). With debit setting set up you actually cannot select any other payment method as it tells you that you already have convinient (not working) debit setup. So I manually did the transaction (for the time being) and wrote them a ticket to delete those settings until I figure out how to make it work and asked them why PayPal isn’t an option when it clearly sais on the site you press pay that PayPal will be an option.

Their answer to that was PayPal payments are disabled for vServers for security reasons. Witch honestly I don’t at all understand what vServer has to do with my payment method. Why would it matter whether I pay for a hamster or a vServer?

Can anyone explain about the magnitude of possible security concerns with vServer? Is that restricted to vServers where you share the physical host with an unknown amount of strangers, or is it just always the case by turning on virtualization features? (Though, I was under the impression that those virtualization features mostly harm security in a way that you will need physical access to the machine to properly exploit them).

Nope, total bull shit.

Just get a Digital Ocean droplet for $5 and enjoy your life.


Looks promising.

I can try that in two months (since the contract is 2 months for the vServer here).

I just chose to give world4you a try since they literally have their headquarters in my city and all the data-centers somewhere in my country, hence why everyone else here seems to use it. Didn’t wanna bother much with searching for something else.

Got one of those now too, before my old one experienced, because I didn´t know what would happen once it expired. Now everything is great. You can do a bijillion more things on digital ocean. Including snapshots witch imo is like one of the biggest downfalls of the old server that you can´t just make a snapshot of your server before doing something that potentially kills it. You can also try a lot of things more easiely, since the billing system only bills you what you actually use. So you can 1 click install a docker image try docker things and delete it after 2 days and you´ll pay 2 days of usage for that droplet, witch I think is great. Then things like private networking between your droplets, so you can make a seperate database droplet without making it available to the entire internet.

So, I don´t even know a lot of things going on there that I probably will never leverage, but better too much than too little. The slick web-ui, snapshots, scalability (so you don´t have to redo the entire setup if you want more ram), what seems like either good customer support or amazing community or both (meaning there are a lot of guides that even before I ‘knew’ what they are actually doing took advantage from, I just didn´t know what they did as I didn´t care, just google things and digitalocean guide pops up on how to do the thing). Those things really sell it. So deffinitely can recommend it too.

World4you is probably fine if all you wanna do is host your wordpress site or whatever. Then you get to use their webspaces on the cheap with backups, domain and emails. But their VPS are too basic to be of any real use imo apart from trying out things and then throwing it away. Witch was basically what I did with it too.

So, thanks for the recommendation. Very happy with it now! :slight_smile:

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Glad you took my advice :+1: