VRAM Test for AMD R9 290

Need some VRAM tests to check for bad memory and such. don't ask just look for another post. I have tried OCCT but it will only go up to 2gbs. Tried Video Memory test and that will only go up to 1gb cause its old and not updated.


try this one, works for me. Just ran test.

(run it from command line like this)
memtestCL.exe [amount of MB] [amount of tests]

eh later im on my laptop and ceebs turning on my computer.

but hey, i just tested video memory stress test... and here's proper ss

I think one of your memory banks is bad/dead
RMA out of it.

(judging from your previous ss)

Since I'm a Australian which is covered by the Australian Consumer Law would this be considered a Major or a Minor.... Thinking of being it Major since the gtx 970 fiasco is redeemable by the law. Thanks for the help @CyklonDX

you just have faulty vram bank; its not like gtx 970, because actual 4GB is there, but 1 bank is broken. No need to go to law etc... its basic reason anywhere for rma.

970 gtx is within false advertising, as card has 3.5GB of fast memory and 500MB of slower because there are less ROP's to actually support whole die. They advertise it as 4GB GDDR5, which is wrong as only 3.5GB runs at speed of GDDR5 (even though all vram banks are actually GDDR5)