VR Snes Emulator?

Hey folks. I was bored last night and since I have two Samsung VR things I decided to mod one so I can access the USB port of my phone so I can connect devices to it (i.e. a controller) while it's in the VR headset. After I got done I thought about how neat it'd be if there was a VR application that ran emulated games. Not one of those things that give you a living room environment, but just a way to play games in VR. Has anyone heard of these? Googling came up empty for me.

N64, Snes, Nes, Gameboy. Don't really care about the application, just wanting to play some old games in a VR'ish environment.

Uh, well, I am not entirely sure it will be as cool as you hope, but...

I guess what you're looking for is a way to turn "any" desktop into a split screen VR image? I feel like that must exist somewhere for PC/Vive/Oculus. I have my doubts that it exists for mobile.