VR Power Requirements?

So I have a friend who has tested an HTC Vive Cosmos. They claim the power requirement for VR and no issues is at least 1200watts according to the testing they have done.

For reference building with a Seasonic 850w on a Asus B550m MoBo, Ryzen 5 3600 CPU with a TUF Radeon 5700 XT

The goal is 1080p gaming with VR future stuff.

Yes this is the same machine I have to RMA and purchase a replacement found in this thread.

Not only is it more than 1080p gaming it’s also higher refresh.

I’m not familiar with the vive cosmos resolution but you’re driving 2 separate displays at 90hz each usually. They are almost always higher pixel count than 1080p.

I don’t think you can equate this to power at the wall. There’s too many factors. I can tell you that you’re on the lower end of the performance power though. Most games will probably run ok but some of them will dip below 90hz.

Maintaining frame rate is paramount in VR. It will make you sick to play for extended lengths of time at a typical 60hz of normal displays. Depending on the game this can be a tall order. Maintaining 1440p 144hz would be my benchmark as this is probably closer to realistic load of VR.

Edit: After looking up the resolution I have some concerns.

Each display is 1440 x 1700 90hz. You need effective performance to run 2880 x 1700 180hz. That’s a good bit above the 1440p 144hz I was quoting as a baseline. Again the game matters here though.

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There is zero power conversion to performance, when VR came out they were shooting for min spec of 970, and while that wouldnt be an amazing exp you dont need 1200w to run a VR rig.

Should be plenty for that, you could for sure have a better exp but there is no major issue with that at all.

The user isn’t too crazy about the latest and greatest fast and smooth is all they are looking for. I’ll re-think the PSU then…

You certainly do NOT need 1200w. I ran a 3900x and 2080ti on 800w and saw 500-600w under high loads.

I have my doubts a 3600 and 5700xt are going to cut it at native HMD resolution but that remains to be seen.


This doesen’t make sense. The power needed at the PSU is for the system and not related to the headset whatsoever. Unless they think someone is going to power an x86 system VR capable with a 2A PSU and fear there won’t be enought for the USB port the headset needs.

I’m running a 3700x + 2070 Super with a 600W PSU so 850 is plenty enough for that system with almost half the power to spare.

HTC Vive on 2700x + gtx 1070 and 450W Corsair (made by Seasonic), without any issues for past 2 years.
And I run it in VM, while host is using 1060 at the same time… and never got past like 350W so…

I am assuming your friend is talking over all power consumption?
I run my vive cosmos elite with a 3700X and a 1080 Ti with my EVGA G2 650W PSU.
Each 1.0 base station consumes ~30W and the headset ~18-20W but they have their own power adapters nothing to do with the PC.

I talked to the person about it. Miscommunication. They have a ton of things wired to their machine vs my friend who will just do some gaming.

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