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VR or ultrawide 30-40 inch 100mhz 3440x1440p

So I have a birthday coming up soon and will either buy a sub $400 ultrawide or a similar priced VR set up. My PC (for gaming) is R7 1800x 16gb 3000 & GTX 1070. Right now I have two 2560 x 1440 monitors but I hardly use them both at the same time. Suggestions?

Im not sure tbch I dont think VR is there yet and ultrawides are a polarized product… some like some dont sub 400 dollars doesnt mean it has to be really bad. You could opt for second hand ultrawides that were previously awesome in the last year or two

LG makes good 21:9 panels that might be in your price range… what are you thinking you want?


I have a 1440p 144hz monitor that I use and enjoy far more than my HTC vive. VR is cool, like seriously cool. The quality just isnt there IMO. The screen door is less of a problem on modern headsets but still a problem. This makes things like watching movies or videos kinda crappy because of the loss of detail. Text in games will be unreadable unless you’re close up on it. The headsets are just not quite dense enough in pixels plus the optics leave things kinda hazy at the edges still.

You will use the ultrawide more and being higher refresh it will be pretty nice to use. Personally I’m not a fan of ultrawides but to each their own.

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Thanks mAh dooods! Yeah I’ve never even used (modern) VR so I must figure out a way to try it out first. I’ve not heard a lot of positives regarding the everyday non-VR use of a VR headset. I’m really enamored with the idea of getting rid of my monitors completely and using VR exclusively but I know we’re not there yet. Still, just picture reclining in a comfortable chair with mouse and a left handed input device on the chair arms and a VR headset strapped…to your head. Now just add a feeding tube, catheter & colostomy bag and viola! The Matrix!..minus the pink goo and u know, the apocalypse.

I bought a laptop that is pretty capable and one of the first things I did with it was set up VR in my bedroom. I then watched youtube in big screen beta while laying in bed. Its pretty neat. I was floating in space with a screen larger than any movie theater. Like I said though, text is unreadable, and finer details are worse the further away something is. Its just not usable day to day like a monitor is. Great for parties and some games. DCS world is a blast.

I hope it comes farther then it has. its really fun tech… Before I left college we definitely had fun with the VR tech… lots of games… ladies… all the stuff you know how college is but its hella fun to mess with. I dont think its to a point of being standalone… Like Adubs said its just not there yet… My roomate at the time found VR Po… well you know exactly what im about to say… so lets not go there

Can make a fairly trippy experience sometimes… theres some cool vr content out there too

Hey so I’m ready to pull the trigger on this now. I’m looking at this LG 32gk650f-b
& this MSI Optix MAG341CQ 34"
Any ideas? I’m not married to either one of these. In fact, I went to Microcenter and was struck by how small that 34" Optix really is, not to mention cheaply made and quite Spartan.