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VPS proxy to local mail server

So I have a mail server set up in my homelab, and I am able to send and receive emails via <user> The only issue is that all my email goes to the spam folder as my IP is blacklisted from a majority of email providers. My thoughts are to create a proxy server on a VPS that has some trusted IP blocks and forward that traffic to my local server.

Is there anything that requires special consideration? I am already planning to RTFM.

FWIW I’m using umail and NGINX with let’s encrypt for the email and plan on using NGINX for the proxy as it’s what I’m familiar with (although I am open to changing this if there’s a good reason).

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Honestly I skipped over that because I thought it was just talking about a local reverse proxy. I’ll read more into the cloud endpoint parts, thank you

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This is one of the possibilities … Exposure to the world of your mail server via IP from VPS. This can be solved in several ways, but since @wendell has already described the basics …
His main goal was to keep the home IP a secret and create a barrier from the world. You can possibly use it for your own purpose, but the technical essence of the email solution is the same.

You will probably also find some ready-made click, click commercial solutions. Is it some proxy or VPN service with a dedicated IP.

Alternatively, you can make an openvpn / wireguard based tunnel from/to the mail server and send traffic out into the world via VPS. All you need to do is open the port on vps and change your domain delegation to vps IP.

There are several possibilities, the question which suits you better …

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If you do not need an additional layer of traffic control as Wendell does, then you can go in the direction of vpn, probably the least complicated solution.

This concept is exceptionally simple, but at the same time quite limited in having sophisticated options. :slight_smile:

Or put the mail server on VPS. :slight_smile:

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Might be you need to set up dkim

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