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VPN Solution to Connect to Home Network Securely

Hi All,

I tried searching to see if it’s been asked, but haven’t been able to see my exact problem.

I’m wanting to create a VPN between my home network and a remote machine to mainly access one of my VMs on my Proxmox server to run code/simulations for my thesis research. I would mostly be using SSH and SFTP.

Is there a decent solution to do this securely? Hoping to not pay for too much unless I absolutely have to.


What about OpenVPN? Secure and free.

You’ll want to setup an OpenVPN server on your home network as well as a dynamic DNC service. Then the remote machine will be able to connect securely and remotely to your home.

There are lots of guides available on how to do this- most of which will explain better than I am able.

What type of firewall do you have? Some people will run an OpenVPN server on their firewall, others might run it as a VM or Container on a server such as a Proxmox server.

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I use wireguard and works great for my needs. It’s fairly mundane to setup with wg-quick


I don’t think you would need a VPN for these. SSH is already an encrypted tunnel, and SFTP is FTP through a SSH tunnel.

The only weakness of using SSH without a VPN is if you are logging in via a password, which could be brute forced. This is not a problem if you set it up to only allow login with a SSH key, and don’t allow password login.

For other things, a VPN might be good.

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ZeroTier is free and does not require port forwarding as it routes VPN traffic in their cloud.

Wireguard would work well for this.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I just spent the last few hours dusting off my pfSense VM after I had took it down for ISP troubleshooting and got OpenVPN installed and configured.

Edit: For the future ones who read this post, I selected charles7’s answer as the solution since that was the one I used and wanted it marked as solved. The other suggestions are good as well!