VPN on the Network Question

I have one machine (linux) on my network connected through a VPN.

Why does a different windows10 machine on the network have google searchs being returned in a language = the VPN out?


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IP geolocation.

Why is it piggybacking on another network device and not the router?

If you run

nslookup google.com

do the results come from your router or the Linux machine?

I have no insight into the configuration of your network and computers so it’s hard for me to guess.
Probably some errors in the configuration and all network traffic goes through vpn.

You can test it … on a fresh system, install protonvpn free / test version and choose one of the Dutch servers and go to google.com. Instead of English you’ll use Arabic. In this case, instead of geo IP, Google probably taught the algorithm that despite the location of the Netherlands in this IP range, the overwhelming majority of network traffic is in Arabic, and when the connections originate from this IP, the algorithm sets the specific language.

So it will be based on

  1. GeoIP
  2. Analysis of the characteristics of the traffic in terms of language / location.
  3. Analysis of the user’s machine and language set in the browser / system.

Or you have set a different language and cookies remember …

Came up the Googs in host and VM, different addresses numbers but that probably doesn’t matter.

So the next question is should i care?

I was curious which device would respond to the DNS query, not whether or not it would resolve the query.

In any case, if you go to https://ipleak.net, it will tell you which IP you are connecting from and what DNS servers it sees. For any device that you want to use the VPN, you don’t want your ISP-assigned IP or its DNS servers to show up.

As far as whether or not you should care, I would be bothered if one of the machines on my network was interfering with my intended DNS resolution. However, I have all of my traffic going through a VPN by default and then create rules to bypass for sites that require it.