Vouchers for the K70

Title says it all. Buying a new mechanical keyboard and have pretty much decided on the Corsair K70 Gunmetal Cherry MX Blue switches (I like the clicky aspect). A bit pricey yes but I have reasons. I already tried the Razer Blackwidow at Pax and the keys were too small for my liking AND my muscle memory for my pinky finger kept wanting to click the last macro key instead of Ctrl. Cooler Master keyboards don't have wrist wrests so I canceled them out :P. So corsair seemed like the obvious choice here. Like mentioned before, will be going with the Chery MX Blue switches unless someone can convince me to get the Cherry MX Red. Thoughts on the K70 good or bad or any other keyboards would be appreciated.

I own the corsair k70 with red switches and I love it. The leds are nice, the windows lock key is great if you game.. or any time since I use launchy. The volume controls are really nice and the volume slider is just great. Overall the keyboard is really nice and since I have red switches it's very sensitive and easy to type on while still being amazingly clicky so I can't imagine how loud blue switches are. Oh also I did get it on sale for $80 so it was a very good purchase for me.. would I buy it at full price? Yes. Yes I would, simply because now I love mechanical keyboards and I could never go back.